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Welcome to EcoScapes – Omaha’s premier lawn care service. We provide a wide range of lawn services to residential and commercial customers throughout Omaha and the surrounding areas including our 6 Step Lawn Care Program, weekly lawn mowing, lawn aeration, overseeding, lawn dethatching, landscape maintenance and landscaping.

Our 6 Step Lawn Care Program consists of bio-nutrients, targeted pre- and post-emergent weed control applications, and strategic fertilization, using products that are custom formulated specifically for Nebraska’s unique weather conditions. By timing our applications strategically throughout the year, your lawn will continue to look picturesque during the growing season.

You won’t need to worry about the safety of your children or pets after a lawn treatment because we make every effort to reduce the amount of pesticides and other harmful chemicals used on your lawn. We are proud to have developed a way of producing healthy, hardy lawns without putting your family’s health, or the environment, at risk.

At EcoScapes, we are committed to making your lawn beautiful and landscapes spectacular. Our long list of satisfied customers speaks volumes about our expertise, professionalism, and dedication to creating beautiful, lush green, weed free lawns. When you choose EcoScapes to service your lawn, you can rest easy knowing that you are selecting one of the most trusted lawn care companies in Nebraska.

EcoScapes … Creating “Greener” Outdoor Spaces

Lawn Fertilizing in Omaha

EcoScapes is the only option if you’re looking for the best lawn fertilizing service in Omaha. You can enjoy your yard without worrying about harmful chemicals or pollutants thanks to our 6-step lawn care program. We utilize non-toxic fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides that are safe for children, pets, and the environment. You’ll be so happy with our service that you’ll never want to use chemical-based lawn fertilizers again! Start using our program right away! It’ll be one of the most beneficial decisions you make all year. Your loved ones deserve it, your pets deserve it, and your lawn deserves it too!

Lawn Mowing in Omaha

EcoScapes is the company for you if you’re looking for the best lawn mowing service in Omaha Nebraska. We provide weekly lawn mowing services to keep your grass looking its best throughout the season. Our specialists know how to make your lawn appear like a professional’s work of art, from cutting to edging and more. Our crew is dedicated to giving your property’s most valuable asset – the grass – the attention it deserves. We also do it at a reasonable cost! So give us a call right now to see how we can assist you with all of your lawn care requirements.

Lawn Aeration in Omaha

Maintaining a healthy lawn necessitates aeration. Lawn aeration in Omaha is the most beneficial thing you can do to promote the general health of your grass, second only to fertilizing it on a regular basis. Throughout the Omaha Metro area, our company delivers skilled and inexpensive aeration services for residential and commercial property owners. We’ve been offering these services since 2015, and we have a great track record of customer satisfaction. Please get in touch with us right away if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment.

Lawn Dethatching in Omaha

Do you think your grass needs to be dethatched? Before you begin, keep in mind that not every lawn needs power raking or “dethatching.” When thatch has built up in the lawn, though, you should really consider it. Thatch is detrimental to your turf, and there comes a time when getting rid of it is necessary for the health of your lawn. Lawn dethatching in Omaha is a job that no one enjoys, but it is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy, vibrant lawn. It also frequently necessitates the use of pricey equipment that most homeowners do not have on hand. Of course, hand raking is a possibility, but who has the time or desire to spend an entire day raking their lawn? Give us a call if you think your lawn needs to be power raked, aerated, or both. We’ll be pleased to take a look and make recommendations.

Landscape Maintenance in Omaha

We will maintain your landscaping throughout the year as a full-service landscaper in Omaha. Every day, our uniformed experts set the bar for plant care, weed control, pruning, organic soil amendments, fertilizers, and more. We can create a solution for everyone, from one-time services to annual contracts.

Landscaping in Omaha

Eco-friendly landscaping is the way of the future, and many of our customers are embracing it by making their lawn and landscape as natural, self-sustaining, and chemical-free as possible. Because of our strong commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible procedures, EcoScapes stands apart among Omaha landscape providers. One of our top responsibilities is to educate our consumers about the benefits and potential of green eco-friendly landscaping. We can design, implement, and maintain an eco-friendly and gorgeous landscape whether you’re beginning from scratch or refurbishing an existing one.

EcoScapes is Omaha’s leading environmentally friendly lawn care provider. You can relax knowing that our “Green” technicians are trained and licensed to use environmentally friendly products that are safe for children and pets to roll around in. We are a full-service lawn care and landscaping company in Omaha, offering everything from lawn mowing, trimming, and edging to aeration and overseeding, as well as lawn dethatching, landscape maintenance, and landscaping. EcoScapes, a family-owned and operated lawn care service in Omaha, NE, is committed to making our customers’ outdoor areas greener and safer.

Our lawn maintenance, lawn care, and landscape services provide the answers you need, whether you want the most beautiful yard in the area or a safe environment for your children and pets to play. Our staff is known for prioritizing customers and treating their lawns as if they were our own. We are passionate about what we do, and it shows in the high quality of our services. To learn more about the lawn services we offer and the outcomes we generate, contact us now. Discover why so many residential and commercial clients in the Omaha, NE, area have chosen EcoScapes as their preferred lawn care service.

When you’re ready to go “Green” and team with Omaha’s best lawn care service, give us a call.

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